Welcome to the LQ Mississauga’s Website

السّلام عليكم

We are very glad to introduce the LQ Mississauga website. It has been in the making since we planned the Arabic class and that was during the Ramadhan of 2012. Planning for the class and then conducting the initial sessions left no time to work on the website. Then few weeks ago, we started to work on the website. Br. Saim, one of the young students from the class, has been helping in putting together the website. May Allay reward him for all his effort and make him succeed in this life and the life after.

The website is intended to provide some useful resources for anyone interested to learn Arabic. It also acts as a companion website for a class we’re conducting in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada). As you navigate the website, please make sure you check out the following areas.

We hope you find the site useful. You can always reach us using the Contact Us link.