Some useful resources for learning Arabic & The Holy Qur’an

A collection of useful resources related to the world-renowned Madinah Books for learning Qur’anic Arabic are offered by LQM.  These resources which are especially helpful for students whose mother tongue is not Arabic, are available for download from our website. Starting from Madinah Books’ Notes, Handouts, Vocabulary, Annotated Solutions for each lesson of the Madinah Books, Madinah Books Index, etc., there is a collection of resources that will benefit anyone trying to learn and/or teach the Qur’anic Arabic using Madinah Books.  These resources are organized by the Book number to make it easy for students to find the relevant topic.  Here are some resources with brief descriptions:

Qur’an Analysis Workbooks

Selections from the Holy Qur’an and Salat Supplications

• Collection of 27 short passages from the Holy Qur’an. Also includes various supplications as recited during salat

Surat-ul-Kahf – Complete Surat-ul-Kahf text

30th Juzz (Part 1) – Surat-un-Naba’ (78) to Surat-ul-Ghashia (88)

30th Juzz (Part 2) – Surat-ul-Fajr (89) to Surat-un-Nas (114) 

Indexed I’raab Books – Collection of Qur’anic i’raab and translation books indexed by surah and ayah number


Arabic Writing Worksheet –Writing is an important aspect of learning the language. This simple worksheet will help master Arabic writing especially those would like to practice writing Arabic.

Verbs Practice Worksheets – To help you practice the present tense structure

• Augmented Verbs Practice Worksheets – These worksheets can be used to practice the augmented (derived) three-letter verbs.

Form II , Form III , Form IV, Form V, Form VI, Form VII, Form VIII, Form X

Surat-ul-Kahf Vocabulary Practice

• A big collection of words from verses 1-10 of Surat-ul-Kahf for vocabulary practice.



  • A blog managed by Dr. Abdur Rahim, author of the Madinah Books where he discusses various aspects of the Arabic language.
  • An excellent site to search through Qur’an and to see various translations.

A great mushaf and Qur’an Application.  Links below for:

iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Android-based devices