Madinah Books' Resources

At LQ Mississauga, these notes are used in our Qur’anic Arabic classes.  Anyone interested in learning the Qur’anic Arabic language, whether attending the class or not, will find these notes very useful.

These notes are grouped into three levels, which correspond with the three Madinah books. Each file contains the major topics as covered in the respective book; minor topics are not covered.

These notes are not meant to replace the Madinah books or any of the corresponding keys, which contain a wealth of information.  These notes should be used as a supplementary resource.  If there is any contradiction between these notes and Madinah books, please report it to the email provided on the notes.

These notes may undergo occasional changes in which case, a newer version will be uploaded.  The version number will also be updated accordingly.  Please check regularly for newer versions.